Your choice for long-lasting quality and support during all activitiesEye-catching print meets strikingly designed back area. The Mirage Shakra Halter Bikini Top promises a perfect fit and, above all, fun with all the activities you do. Numerous features of the highest quality make sure you're filled with joy for a while with this top. FeaturesLycra Xtra Life: a natural polyurethane fiber (synthetic rubber) resistant to attack by active chlorine Microfiber: fabric knitting with a soft and fine fiber textile, who bring the best quality softness fabric UV Protect: Fabric ability to offer highly protection from UV rays (UPS 50+ is the maximum value obtainable) Fast Dry: Fabric that dries quickly, removing the unpleasant wet sensation on the skin, avoiding imitating rubbing. Ultra chlorine resistant: Fabric that is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine.ReversibleFull support: Both style and excellent support for a C to D cupSlip Ons